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Bodriggy Pharmacy – Terms and Conditions


Bodriggy Pharmacy is the registered owner of this website and pharmacy and the services provided on it, unless otherwise stated. Bodriggy Pharmacy (henceforth also referred to as `Bodriggy Pharmacy’, Pharmacy’, ‘us’, ‘we’ and ‘our’) Bodriggy Pharmacy trades from 60 Queensway ,Hayle, Cornwall, TR27 4PB. Bodriggy Pharmacy is registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council of Great Britain (‘GPhC’): Premises number is 1119305.

By using this website, you (referred to herein as ‘visitor’, ‘customer’, ‘you’ or ‘your’) agree to conform to the terms and conditions listed here. You should not use this website, register for an account or place an order unless you accept these terms. All previous terms and condition of this website are hereby superseded unless specifically stated.

Information Provided

To the best of our ability we try to ensure that all information provided on this website, and via any of the services offered on it, is current, accurate and pertinent. However, on some occasions we may not be able to maintain accuracy due to circumstances out of our control. We therefore make no representation of accuracy on any information provided by us or by any third party via our website or services. Due to this, no information provided should be relied upon for accuracy, and any reliance placed upon such information is at your own risk. It is particularly important that for any medicinal products you seek advice from a healthcare professional before acting on any information provided that you are unsure of.

Intended usage

This website is intended for use by citizens of the United Kingdom. Any products or services offered on this site are done so in accordance with UK law and any disputes arising from the usage of this website are governed by the appropriate UK laws.

If you reside outside of the United Kingdom then this website may not be suitable for your usage and may not comply with the laws of your country. It is entirely your responsibility to ensure that your usage of this website does not breach any law that you are governed by, and we accept no liability, either directly or indirectly, for any matters arising from the incorrect usage of this website or any of the products or services contained within under the jurisdiction of your legal system.

By accessing this website you hereby confirm that you have the right under the relevant laws of your country.
You must be over 18 years of age to use our website and the registration details provided must be accurate and kept up to date. Failure to comply with this may see your account suspended or blocked from access to our site. Any medication ordered for a minor via this website should only be performed by the minor’s parent or legal guardian. By using this website to represent a minor in this manner you are confirming that you have the legal right to do so as the parent or legal guardian. You must register or be registered as the primary account holder and list the minor’s name and age in the patient details section of the ‘My Account’ pages.

Any aspect of our website, the services offered on it, or the intended usage of such, may be altered or discontinued at any time.


By registering on this site or using any of the services supplied within you confirm that it’s acceptable for us to hold and transfer the data that we collect about you. You agree that said data might be shared as required between members of our pharmacy team.

The data that we collect includes, but is not limited to:

  • Your registration details such as name, address, email, phone number etc as required when creating an account on the site.
  • Your patient details for the orders that you have placed, including patient name, patient address, patient contact details and details of patient’s Doctor.
  • Your medical history, or that of the patients you have placed orders for, as provided by phone, email, fax, the website, your prescriptions or other means. These details are recorded in our Patient Medical Record (PMR) as per any other pharmacy.
  • Navigation data from your usage of the site.

This site uses cookies to store data on your computer. A cookie is a small text file that is used by your computer’s browser (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox etc) to record and retrieve information pertinent to your usage of a website. We may vary the information stored via our cookies at any time, but these will be used for purposes intended to enhance your shopping experience, such as authentication, session tracking, storing preferences within our site and storing details about your shopping cart.
Your cookies may be cleared at any time from your Internet Browser (see your browser’s instructions or help guide for details). This will delete the cookies and any information stored will be lost.

You may also permanently disable cookies within your browser, however this site requires cookies to be enabled and the site may not function correctly or as intended if they are not. Disabling cookies will also affect many other websites and we do not accept any liability for any issues caused on this or any other site due to your choice to disable cookies.

All the data we hold is maintained on our site’s servers, which are located in a secure data centre, or via our PMR system. Our PMR system is PharmaSys, a web based service that stores all data in a secure, off-site data centre. We withhold the right to change the method by which we store your data at any time.

You have the right to obtain a copy of any of the personal data we hold about you, or to rectify or delete any incorrect details. Please write to us using the details on our contact page to request this. We reserve the right to charge an administration fee of £15 for providing these details.


This website, the contents, text, images and logos are all copyright of Bodriggy Pharmacy Ltd. None of these may be used, reproduced, copied or modified without prior approval from Bodriggy Pharmacy.

You may view and save the content on your computer for your own personal use, but may not use this for commercial purposes or for sharing via any means without consent. Likewise you may print the information contained on the site for your own personal use, but may not use this commercially or modify it in any way.

Portions of the code on this website are copyright of Isolve and other developers as marked in the code. This must not be reused, altered or reproduced without consent from the copyright holder.
Some brand names, logos and images are copyright or registered trademarks of other companies and are used for the sole purpose of indicating their ownership on this site.


By placing an order on this website you agree to conform to the terms and conditions set out herein.
All sales are subject to availability of stock. We reserve the right to cancel an order or offer an equivalent replacement item in the event of a stock shortage of the items you order. We will notify you by email or phone if this is required.

This website should be considered as an invitation to treat you as our patient, and registering an account on our site confirms that you wish to be classed as one of our patients. Any order placed on the website or via the other contact details provided is an offer to purchase by the customer. Bodriggy Pharmacy may refuse to accept this order, or any part of your order, without needing to provide a reason or explanation at any time during the order process. No contract of sale is in place until your order has been dispatched.

Before ordering any medicinal products you must carefully read the information provided and any warnings, ingredients etc. On receipt of the product you should read the box/ packaging and any information leaflet that is contained within. All medicinal products can be potentially dangerous if misused, and you must therefore comply with any directions given. Bodriggy Pharmacy Ltd does not accept any liability for any ill effects from medication that is taken inappropriately.

You must ensure that the medical details in the ‘My Account’ section are up to date for the patient that is to take the medication being ordered. Any current medication that the patient is taking and the patient’s medical history should be recorded in the box marked ‘Please list all current conditions and medication here’ under ‘My patients and addresses’. This is to enable our pharmacy team to be able to assess the patient’s suitability for the ordered medication. Bodriggy Pharmacy Ltd does not accept any liability for any damage caused as a result of improper or inaccurate information being provided to us.

If you are unsure of the usage or suitability of a medicine then you should seek advice from a Doctor or other healthcare professional.
Any mention of the RRP of an item refers to the Recommended Retail Price and is used to represent the typical high street price. We check our prices regularly, and always try to provide accurate pricing information, but we do not guarantee the accuracy of any listed price.

If medication is being ordered for a pet from our pet medication section then by placing an order you confirm that you will follow all instructions and guidelines in providing the product to a pet. If you have any doubts then you should seek advice from a vet.

Prescription Orders

It is a legal requirement that we receive the original copy of a prescription before we dispense and deliver the items. On placement of an order containing a prescription you must therefore deliver the original prescription to us. Any delivery estimates provided to you will be based on the date that we receive your prescription, not on the date that the order is placed. We accept both electronic and paper prescriptions.

By placing an order for a prescription you are confirming that you hold a valid prescription and if you are claiming an exemption that you possess the right to claim such an exemption. You are responsible for providing evidence of any exemption that you hold as required.

We maintain the right to refuse to dispense any prescription item that we believe is not suitable for a patient. In this case our pharmacy standard operating procedures (SOP) will be followed in providing an alternative or referring you back to a Doctor.


You must provide us with the correct delivery address when placing your order Bodriggy Pharmacy do not accept any liability for any items that are not delivered due to the incorrect provision of an address.

Any stated delivery times are not guaranteed unless specifically stated as ‘guaranteed delivery’. Bodriggy Pharmacy Ltd are not responsible for any third party delivery services used and cannot be held responsible for any delays, or for any impacts to the customer caused by such a delay.

We may, at our discretion, choose to send orders in parts, or (if an item is out of stock) to withhold all parts of the order so that it can be delivered in a single consignment.

We deliver prescription items for free within the UK, so any order including a prescription will be delivered free of charge. We reserve the right to change our delivery charges and services at any time.

We offer two distinct types of delivery, a local delivery service and a national delivery service. Our local delivery service will normally be delivered in person by one of our pharmacy staff. However, we do not guarantee this will always be the case and we may at our discretion use a third party to perform local deliveries. The scope of the term ‘local’ is entirely at our discretion and may change at any time without notice. If you are unsure as to whether or not you are within range of our local delivery service then please contact us. Our national delivery service will be provided by a third party, such as Royal Mail, and delivery times and services will vary according to the specific courier used. Please contact us if you require further details.

If your delivery does not arrive within the timeframe expected then please contact us within 7 days to let us know. We will provide further information at the time of contact, but the standard practice for a delivery will likely involve you having to make a claim to the carrier that failed to deliver. You may be required to wait for a specific period for the delivery to arrive before submitting such a claim. This will vary from carrier to carrier. Bodriggy Pharmacy Ltd do not accept any liability for any costs incurred or damage caused due to late delivery of an item by a third party. You will be expected to comply with all requests to provide information to us or a carrier in the event of a missing delivery, and failure to do so may result in your claim being rejected.

If you are unable to receive a delivery then the carrier will normally drop a card asking you to collect the package within a certain timeframe. If you do not do so then the carrier may return the item to us. If items are returned to us in this manner we reserve the right to impose a reasonable charge for the failed delivery.


Any links to external sites or materials are provided for your guidance or interest, but no representation is made as to their content or suitability. If you choose to make use of any such materials then you do so at your own risk.


Bodriggy Pharmacy are not liable for any damage, direct, indirect or consequential, caused to you or any third party via your usage of this website or any services provided within. If any of the terms and conditions listed here is found to be invalid or unenforceable then such finding does not affect the validity or enforceability of any other terms.
We reserve the right to update, alter or remove any of our terms and conditions at any point. Your statutory rights as a consumer are not affected by these terms and conditions.